Eastern Ontario Regional Championships (Winter)

February 6, 2024
Session 1 results
Session 2 results
● Scratches are to be made at the administrative desk 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.
● No scratch penalty shall be imposed for late or day of scratches.
Timed Finals
● Positive check in for all 13 & Over Timed Final Events.
● The scratch deadline must be made 30 minutes prior to the start of the preliminary session. This procedure is in part to run a timely meet and to ensure the fastest seeded heats shall have the full complement of swimmers with no empty lanes.
● Scratches for finals must be made within 30 minutes after the last nondistance event of the prelims session.

All Sessions
● Failure to participate in an individual final, leg of a relay final, or in a timed final event without meet management’s knowledge or consent will result in a $50 fine for each offence. Payment is due to SWOTT (paid at the administration desk or by e-transfer to finance@swimottawa.ca). Failure to pay before the swimmer's next event will exclude the swimmer from any further participation in the meet. A swimmer who fails to scratch from an event in finals or timed final event but will not swim the rest of the meet will not be penalized.

Technical Bulletin


Officials and Volunteers Information

Officials grid - Sunday

Heat Sheets - Session 1

Heat Sheets - Session 2

Heat Sheets - Session 3

Heat Sheets - Session 4

Heat Sheets - Session 5

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Psych Sheets session 1

Psych Sheets session 2

Psych Sheets session 4

Psych Sheets session 5

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